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Scheduled maintenance for Police Co-op website

Please be informed that our website has been scheduled for maintenance during the following period: Date: 20 - 27 November 2015 Slower loading speed or disruption of the site may be experienced during this period. Members may continue to access their account details via our 24-hour Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) by calling 63345670 or [...]

Subscription-to-Savings Scheme half-yearly interest pay-out and cut-off date for withdrawals

The Subscription-To-Savings Scheme (STSS) is a by-invitation only, 3 to 4-year saving scheme for members with no outstanding loan and a minimum balance of $2,000 in their Subscription Capital Accounts as at launch period. The objective of the STSS is to provide members with an opportunity to earn more regular and consistent returns on the [...]

Spend prudently during the festive season and enjoy a worry-free New Year

Every year, thousands of loans are given to members in need of financial assistance for a myriad of reasons. Taking a loan for festive-related expenses has been gaining popularity in recent years. Splurging on luxury purchases and lavish meals during this period is common and can serve as a pat on the back for the [...]

Subscription-to-Savings Scheme (STSS) withdrawal cut-off date and half-yearly interest pay-out

News of revised interest rates for the Specific Deposits and Fixed Deposits account, STSS half-yearly interest pay-out, fantastic year-end give-aways and tips on how to spend prudently for the upcoming festive season without losing the celebratory mood in the Oct – Dec 2015 issue of Police Co-operator! Click on download pdf for the full issue [...]

Police Co-op celebrates SG50 on our 89th anniversary – Winners’ Name list

The event is held in commemoration and double celebration of Singapore’s 50th birthday, as well as Police Co-op’s 89th anniversary in the month of August 2015. Members may register for a pair of Universal Studios Singapore passes at only $50 which is heavily subsidised by Police Co-op and enjoy a full day of exciting activities [...]

Police Co-op celebrates SG50 on our 89th anniversary

$50 for a pair of Universal Studios Singapore passes (worth $148 per pair). 100 pairs available! What better way to commemorate our nation’s 50th birthday together with Police Co-op’s 89th birthday than with a full day of exhilarating theme rides, getting up close to favourite cartoon characters, cutting-edge 4D shows and wholesome family fun at [...]

Send us your most creative greetings for our 89th Birthday!

Wish Police Co-op a Happy 89th Birthday on Facebook with your most creative or wacky greetings in the month of August 2015 Members of Police Co-op have been vocal about their support and love for us, commenting, sharing and liking the posts on our Facebook page and participating in our activities and events with enthusiasm. [...]

Create your own RAINBOW with Police Co-op – Photos

A colourful day filled with RAINBOWS, love and fun! Our members bonded with their children over a Rainbow Loom workshop, games, had their favourite cartoons characters made out of multi-hued balloons and enjoyed a scrumptious lunch on 26 June 2015 at Happy Willows at OneKm Mall. After all those excitement, the kids continued to have [...]

85th Annual General Meeting 2015 – Keynotes

The Singapore Police Co-operative Society Limited held its 85th Annual General Meeting on 24 June 2015, at HomeTeamNS-JOM Clubhouse. The meeting was called to order by Mr Tan Chia Han, Secretary of Police Co-op, at 1118 hours with a quorum of 88 members. Mr Christopher Ng, Chairman of Police Co-op, delivered his opening speech and [...]