Stand to win $100 deposited into your Specific Deposit account!Have a go at the hottest game in town at the moment – reality escape room game. In the real life room escape scenario, you and your friend(s) will be locked up in the specially designed theme rooms. You will need to race against time, crack your brains to solve puzzles and gather clues to escape from the room before the time runs out. Escape from the room within the stipulated time and you win $100 deposited into your Specific Deposit account!

Located conveniently at Prinsep Street, The Escape Artist features a total of 5 game rooms to choose from, with various levels of difficulty and scare factor. Different game rooms may also require a minimum number of players to solve the puzzles, and may require certain dress codes. More details of the game can be found on

Rules and Regulations

  1. A minimum of 2 players are required for the game. A maximum of 10 players are allowed in one game.
  2. Only members of Police Co-op are allowed to register for the event. Purchase of tickets will be subjected to balloting if the response is overwhelming.
  3. $5 is the subsidised cost for a pair of tickets. One member may only purchase one pair of tickets. Player 1 must be a member to be able to register for the event. Player 2 does not have to be a member.
  4. If the member would like to bring more than one guest to the game, please purchase ticket(s) direct from The Escape Artist at Tickets will be sold at a discounted rate of $21/ticket if the purchase is for play on the same day.
  5. Tickets are valid till 30 September 2014. No refunds/exchanges will be entertained if the tickets are not utilised before the expiry date.
  6. Groups who manage to successfully ‘escape’ from the room will be awarded $100/group, credited into the member’s Specific Deposit account. Only groups with Police Co-op member(s) present qualify for the cash prize. (Please bring along your NRIC for verification purposes)
  7. Members who are entitled to the prize will be notified via an official letter. Only one member per group will be notified. Please nominate your representative immediately after the game with the staff at The Escape Artist.
  8. Photographs taken at The Escape Artist may be published on our social media platforms and publications. Unless formal written notice is given, permission is deemed to have been granted to Police Co-op for the use of any of these photos.

50 pairs of tickets are up for grabs!

Registration commence: 31 March 2014, 8.30am

Registration closing date: 21 April 2014

Click here to register: THIS PROMOTION HAS EXPIRED

Last Updated on September 23, 2020