Members have been coming forward to make new appointments of nominee(s) or amend existing nominations of their accounts at the Co-operative after our article on the importance of making a nomination appeared in the October 2016 to March 2017 issue of Police Co-operator.


If you have chosen not to make a nomination or there has been a change in circumstance such as a recent marriage, child birth or death of a nominee, this may be a good time to review your appointment of nominees.


Quick recap:


What is a nomination?

A nomination allows a member to specify an individual or individuals (known as a nominee) who will receive the member’s savings deposited in his/her Police Co-op savings account, and how much each nominee or nominees should receive upon the demise of the member.

Why is it important to make a nomination?

Making a nomination is paramount to the speedy release of the deceased member’s monies to his/her nominee(s) in accordance with his/her wishes.

In the absence of a valid nomination, upon the demise of a member, the Co-operative will write to the deceased’s estate to request for submission by hand of a certified true copy of the following relevant documents:

  • Grant of Probate (presence of a will); or
  • Letter of Administration (absence of a will for non-Muslim); or
  • Inheritance Certificate (absence of a will for Muslim); and
  • Death Certificate; and
  • NRIC of the executor(s) or administrator(s); and
  • Bank statement of the estate’s account.

If a non-Muslim member passes away without a valid will, his/her assets will be distributed in accordance with the rules of distribution set out in Section 7 of the Intestate Succession Act, Chapter 146 (please refer to In the case of a Muslim member, Islamic inheritance laws shall apply.

How do I make a Nomination?

1)  Members are encouraged to proceed to our office at 250 Sims Ave, SPCS Building, #04-01 Singapore 387513 to fill up the relevant form manually. Our Customer Service Officers may act as your witnesses and clarify any further questions in respect of the nomination process.

2)  Alternatively, members may fill up the Member’s Nomination Form online at and mail the original copy of the completed form to our office.

Please contact us at 6334 8055 or send an email to if more clarification is required.

Frequently Asked Questions on Nomination can be found on our website at