At Police Co-op, we believe in sharing the benefits with all our members; be it in the form of premium interest rates, scholarship programmes or a fun day out! Read on to see what we have in store for you.

Common Good Fund

The Co-operative offers the following grants to members:

  • Demise of member’s parent $100/-
  • Demise of member’s child $200/-
  • Demise of member’s spouse $200/-
  • Demise of member in active duty $1,000/-
  • Demise of member in inactive duty $500/-

To apply for this fund, fill in Application for Common Good Fund form and mail it to Police Co-op. Documents to submit to support the application can be found in the form.

Events and Promotions

Members may register and take part in events or promotions advertised in the Police Co-op newsletter; Police Co-operator.

Scholarship Funds

A lump sum donation is made to Police Central Welfare Fund for scholarship and bursary grants yearly. Applications for scholarships and grants are open to members for their children.

Subsidies for Divisions’ Functions

Members can enjoy subsidies for social functions of their divisions at $2 per head, per calendar year, calculated based on the number of members in that division.

Last Updated on April 8, 2020