It is heartening to see the strong response to our membership recruitment reward program as our members engage their friends, colleagues and loved ones in saving early and consistently. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of saving for a rainy day.

To encourage and reward proposers of new members further, we have increased the reward amount from the current $15 to $25 per approved new member with effect from 1 August 2012!

Hassle-free procedure

Proposers do not have to be present with their recommendations. Simply fill in the proposer section on the second page of the Membership Application Form and the incentive will be automatically credited to the proposer’s account upon approval of the application.

Documents required for Membership Application:
  1. Applicant’s NRIC
  2. Latest pay slip
  3. Bank account statement/passbook
How will I receive the incentive?

The incentives are tabulated at the end of every month and the total amount will be credited into the proposer’s Specific Deposit account. A notification letter will be sent to all proposers informing them of the number of members successfully inducted for the month and the amount they will be receiving.

Grab this opportunity to spread the news around and get rewarded!

Last Updated on April 8, 2020