Dear Members,

A new board of directors has been appointed/elected on 18 August 2020 to serve members for the period commencing from the 90th Annual General Meeting to the 92nd Annual General Meeting.

Appointed Directors

The President of The Singapore Police Co-operative Society Ltd, the Commissioner of Police, has appointed the following directors to the new Board:

  1.  Mr Alvin Moh Tser Loong (Chairman)
  2.  Mr Koh Wei Keong (Vice-Chairman)
  3.  Mr Chong Zunjie (Secretary)
  4.  Mr Chan Liang Hua, Leon (Treasurer)
  5.  Mr Lee Chin Ek
  6.  Mr Mohamad Rizal
  7.  Mr Mohammad Syafiq Khalid Basalamah

Elected Directors

Members, through the use of proxy forms, have elected the following directors to the new Board:

  1.  Chong Hung Li Grace
  2.  Lim Wei-Yang Julius
  3.  Wong Xing Shun Justin
  4.  Gong Wai Liat
  5.  Chua Chee Wai
  6.  Poh Wee Yong
  7.  Mohaideen Abdul Kadir Bin Gose Ahmad Sha
  8.  Tan Cheng Siong

We thank members for their wonderful support they have given to the Board over the years and we look forward to working with you to make Police Co-op “the choice co-operative” for all.


Chong Zunjie