Please note:

  1. Signature is required for all application forms.
  2. Please print and sign on the hard copy after clicking on the ‘Submit’ button.
  3. You may proceed to fax/ email/ mail the completed form to our office.

Alternatively, you may print a blank form and complete them manually here.

  • Please provide a clear copy of the front and back of your NRIC/FIN for verification.
  • Enter the last 3 digits + last alphabet of your NRIC. E.g. use “567A” if the NRIC number is S1234567A

      a) I declare and confirm that the personal data that I have provided on this form is accurate and complete.

      b) I consent to the collection, use and disclosure of the data for the purpose of complying with my Personal Data Access Request.

      c) I enclose my proof of identity.

      d) I understand that Police Co-op may impose a fee to process my Data Access Request and will provide an estimate of the fee for my consideration. If I do not agree to the payment of the fee, Police Co-op will not be able to process my Data Access Request.

      e) I further understand that Police Co-op reserves the right to restrict access to certain personal data or decline to fulfill my Data Access Request as may be permitted under the Personal Data Protection Act 2012.