Premier Security Co-operative Ltd

Premier Security’s main objective is to put to good use the valuable experience and knowledge of retired Police and Armed Forces officers, providing value-added physical security services across various industries to the satisfaction of its clients.


Contact: +65 6291 9866

SECOM (Singapore) Pte Ltd

With more than 2,000 subscribing customers in Singapore, Secom Singapore is the preferred choice for corporate clients looking for professional, reliable and effective security solutions.


Contact: +65 6826 6000

SPCS Consultancy Pte Ltd

Comprising retired, serving officers and civilian staff from the Home Team Agencies under the umbrella of the Ministry of Home Affairs, it is a training and consultancy company founded by The Singapore Police Co-operative Society Ltd. It offers consultancy service as well as designs customised training programmes in general policing for its local and overseas clients.


Contact: +65 6748 1926

Last Updated on February 5, 2021