A long term savings scheme to encourage members to be prepared for rainy days and plan for their retirement.

The Subscription Savings Scheme is a compulsory savings scheme for all of our members. This obligatory contribution is intended to inculcate the habit of thrift in our members. The monthly contributions can be deducted from their pay (for Ordinary members) or via GIRO (for Associate members).

Minimum Deposit

$40 per month

Maximum Deposit

$200 per month


Police Co-op gives out yearly dividend on these savings based on figures standing as at 31st December.

Other Benefit

Besides earning yearly dividends, subscription monies can be used as a collateral against some types of loans taken (Read more about Easi-loan here).


Subscription monies will be fully refunded should you cease to be a member of Police Co-op.

Withdrawal Subscription Form
Monthly Deduction Change Form

Last Updated on September 23, 2020