Placements for Subscription-to-Savings Scheme Series 1 will be maturing on 31 October 2014. Members who participated in and successfully completed the 3-year term in Series 1 will be eligible to participate in Series 3. An invitation letter, reply slip, the Administrative Rules governing the Subscription-to-Savings Scheme Series 3, and Annex A to the Administrative Rules, have been sent to eligible members in end-April 2014.

The Reply Slip contains the options for members to:

  1. subscribe to STSS Series 3 for five (5) years from 1 November 2014 to 31 October 2019; or
  2. do a matured withdrawal.

Invited members should mail back the original Reply Slip containing their instructions using the Business Reply envelope that was included in the mail before 25 September 2014.

Members will be deemed as not interested in participating in STSS Series 3 if no reply is received by Police Co-op upon expiry of the deadline. The principal amount will then be returned to the member via credit to his bank account registered with the Co-operative.

If you have misplaced your reply slip, you may download a copy at“series-3”, as well as find out more information on STSS Series 3.

Last Updated on June 9, 2015