News of revised interest rates for the Specific Deposits and Fixed Deposits account, STSS half-yearly interest pay-out, fantastic year-end give-aways and tips on how to spend prudently for the upcoming festive season without losing the celebratory mood in the Oct – Dec 2015 issue of Police Co-operator!

Click on download pdf for the full issue of Police co-operator, or go to the individual links below for direct access to the specific event/article you are interested in:

  1. Subscription-to-Savings Scheme half-yearly interest pay-out and cut-off date for withdrawals
  2. Festive year-end give-away 2015
  3. Police Co-op celebrates SG50 on our 89th Anniversary – winners’ name list
  4. Send us your most creative and wacky greetings for our 89th Birthday on Facebook!
  5. Spend prudently during the festive season and enjoy a worry-free New Year

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Last Updated on September 23, 2020