The Singapore Police Co-operative Society Limited will be holding its 84th Annual General Meeting on 5th June 2014 (Thursday). Details of the Meeting are as follows:

Venue:   HomeTeamNS-JOM Clubhouse
Function Hall
31 Ah Hood Road, Singapore 329979
Time:      11.00am

In view of the 84th AGM, the Co-operative’s office will be closed on 5th June 2014. Members may continue to carry out transactions on the Co-operative’s phone-banking system (Tel: 6334 5670) on that day. Alternatively, enquiries may be directed to

Dividend Payment

The dividend payout for Financial Year 2013 will be announced during the Meeting. Members have the following two options to credit his/her dividend payout:

  1. To Bank Account
    This will be the default option. The Co-operative will credit a member’s dividend payout to his/her account within fourteen (14) working days after the AGM. Members must ensure that their bank accounts are still valid so as to facilitate the timely crediting of dividend monies.Members who have recently changed their account numbers but have yet to inform the Co-operative are requested to do so by filling up the “Change in Bank Account Form” on page 8 and fax/ mail/ email it back to us. Members are also requested to furnish the Co-operative with a copy of their new bank book/statement. This is to allow the Co-operative to verify particulars.
  2. To Specific Deposits Account
    Alternatively, members can opt to have the dividend payout credited to their Specific Deposits (SD) Account. If you wish to select this option, please authorise the Co-operative to perform this transaction by using the “Dividend Payment – SD Instruction Form” on page 8. Kindly note that this instruction is valid only for the FY2013 dividend payout. Members who have, in a previous year, requested for dividend monies to be credited to their SD accounts are advised to submit their requests again.

All forms are to be faxed/mailed/emailed to the Co-operative by 30 May 2014.

Download the Change in Bank Account Form
Download the Dividend payment: SD instruction form for FY2013

Last Updated on June 9, 2015